Replica T-Wall Coin Display

The perfect complement and showcase for your military challenge coins

This model replicates a T-Wall, which is a concrete barrier used to create protected spaces on military bases. It's shape resembles that of an inverted T. Recent veterans are most familiar with them. This coin holder is 3D printed on Shapeways precision 3D printers in strong plastic, lightweight plastic, acrylic or metal. There are several colors to choose from to enhance the apearance of your military challenge coin or to match the decor of your show case or the personal tastes of the recipient to whom it's presented. It seats a 1 and 3/4 inch coin and is customizable with six characters on the front face and your choice of graphic image on the back.

Personalized T-Wall Coin Holder

An evening street scene from joint base Balad, Iraq 2010